With the continued growth of the prewrath position comes the need for more resources. Resources that explain how the whole of Scripture supports the prewrath timing of the Lord's return. The request for commentaries on the Revelation that explain it from the prewrath perspective has gone largely unanswered. We, therefore, offer this dynamic commentary as a temporary stopgap until more exhaustive works can be done.

This commentary is dynamic in nature because we will be adding to it as time goes by. While we are fairly confident that we understand the big picture, we recognize the need for an on-going study of the many details contained in the Revelation. The more we study the pages of this New Testament book, the more we learn. As you work through this commentary, please send us your comments and corrective suggestions. We are committed to an accurate teaching of the Word of God, and as such, we recognize that we do not have all the answers. Therefore, if you have an insight that can be biblically verified, please pass it along to us.

We offer no defense of our belief that the recipient of the Revelation was John the Apostle; that the date of writing falls near AD 96; that the Revelation has epistolary, prophetic, and apocalyptic features, which must influence its interpretation; and that the book is progressive in nature with parenthetical details added for clarification. Where necessary we will comment on the structure of the book to understand the meaning of the text. For those who are interested in matters of background, please consult the first volume of David E. Aune's commentary on Revelation in the Word Biblical Commentary series. He does a very thorough job on these matters.


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